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There are many ways that you can participate in the project! 

Sharing Your Story:


by film

by written interview

by quote




This project is run fully on my own money and donations. Part of the goal of this project is to film a feature-length documentary as well as be able to travel to different locations to tell more stories. Your donations help me do that! 


In Kind Donations:


When traveling I often rely on the kindness of others so places to stay are always welcome, if you have one, reach out! Who know when I may be in your area. Donations of airmiles or other programs can help with car rentals and flights. I am also in need of some experienced grant writers. 

Hire Me To Speak Or Write An Article!


I do offer speaking engagements and article writing about birding and mental health with an emphasis on mindful birding. Please message for speaking and writing fees. 

Any other ideas? Reach out!

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